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Deep within you burns a passion to help transform humanity—To heal.
To Guide. To empower.

As a professional, you’ve witnessed the limitations of traditional approaches in addressing the root causes of human suffering. You’ve hit the natural point in the journey of a healer, where you’ve amassed an incredible wealth of knowledge, and now you’re ready to create the deep healing impact and lasting change you desire for humanity.

To do this, you must become a healer who emanates from the depths of your own being—a Soulful Healer. Anchor yourself in this transformative framework, and let it guide your exploration towards developing a unique approach of your own that fosters lasting healing in your clients.

Become a Soulful Healer and unlock the infinite potential for healing that resides within you.

The Hidden Key to Deep Healing:
Discover the paradigm-shifting truth that will transform your practice and impact (hint: it’s not what you think).

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Move beyond intellectual understanding to the heartfelt healing experiences you crave.

Discover Your Unique Identity & Create Your Unique Path

Your professional journey has brought you to this pivotal moment—armed with wisdom, experience, and a burning passion to make a difference but constrained by the limits of traditional approaches. You’ve felt the yearning for something more, something deeper. It’s time to break free from the constraints of convention and create your own path—a path that resonates with the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Stand out from the crowd and carve out your own unique niche in the healing arts. The Soulful Healer method empowers you to cultivate a distinct identity that reflects your values, your vision, and your deepest truths. No more playing small or conforming to outdated paradigms. It’s time to shine brightly and radiate your authentic essence into the world.

Deep Healing Mastery That Creates a Remarkable Impact

Dive deep into the heart of healing and uncover the root causes of human suffering. Beyond talk therapy lies a realm of profound transformation—where mind, body, and soul merge in perfect harmony. With the Soulful Healer method, you’ll access a treasure house of tools and techniques that go beyond the surface, allowing you to facilitate profound shifts on physical, emotional, and energetic levels—the kind of deep healing you’ve always known was possible.

Step Into Your Power & Access Your Limitless Wisdom

The time for hesitation is over. You cannot create lasting change in your clients until you stand wholeheartedly in your own power, leading with courage, compassion, and clarity. Together, let’s awaken the Soulful Healer within you and usher in a new era of healing, growth, and transformation.

Transform Your Practice with Integrity and Purpose

The Soulful Healer Method offers a sanctuary of structure and integrity for your development. Grounded in deep values and anchored in expertise, this framework empowers you to explore and integrate your unique gifts with agency and confidence. You’ll discover a pathway to expand your practice, elevate your results, and uncover alternative tools to heal your clients on the deepest levels.

The final step in fulfilling your calling is integrating all you’ve learned and becoming a Soulful Healer.

What We Offer

Read the Book: Becoming a Soulful Healer

Dive into “Becoming Soulful: Six Keys to Enrich Your Therapeutic Practice,” a book that opens up a new horizon for therapeutic excellence. Designed for therapists, coaches, and healing professionals, this guide offers the transformative Soulful Healer Method to amplify your impact and enhance your presence. Step into the power of soulful healing and become a beacon of transformation, setting a new standard in the healing professions.

Become a Certified Soulful Healer

Join The Soulful Healer 6-month Virtual Training Program, designed to help you discover and cultivate a unique therapeutic approach that is distinctly yours.

Get One-on-One Coaching for Impact

Step into transformative coaching with Michal, designed to help you amplify your influence, weave together your diverse qualifications and deepen your impact. Michal guides you in integrating your expertise with the revolutionary Soulful Healer Method, addressing root causes in your healing work and empowering clarity in your clients. Whether in healing or driven by a desire to contribute meaningfully, Michal helps you uncover your unique voice and purpose, creating ripples of positive change aligned with your core essence.

Dare to share your gifts with the world

Guided by the limitless wisdom held within their souls, our practitioners unleash their unique qualities, attributes, and gifts, making a remarkable difference by alleviating suffering and fostering profound global change.

Will you join us?

What Clients Say

“When one works this system, the result is an inner power formed through intelligent and intentional thought and action. As a soulful healer, this keeps me grounded in my why and directs my how. It ignites an inner flame and teaches me how to use it to share my unique gifts with humanity best.”


“One of the most empowering outcomes of this journey has been overcoming imposter syndrome. I’ve realized my worth and feel more confident in my abilities. I’m more aligned with my soul and my core values, who I am, and my true self. This newfound confidence has propelled me to work on my website and messaging, allowing me to be more visible and authentic in my interactions with the world.”



Michal Spiegelman is a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor with a background in social work. She is the pioneering force behind the Beacons of Change Community and the creator of The Soulful Healer Method and Community.

Her work is characterized by a holistic, trauma-informed approach that empowers therapists, coaches, and health and wellness professionals to awaken their inner wisdom. Through her guidance, practitioners learn to effectively integrate body awareness and embrace soulful, spiritual, and somatic practices within a supportive and versatile therapeutic framework.

My Story

During my first case as a social worker, I immediately felt heartbroken by how limited I sensed I was in creating lasting transformation in clients.

The first therapist I ever worked with,

So I worked hard to expand my toolbox, becoming a reiki master, coach, and x

After amassing these different modalities and techniques, I then felt hamstrung by the fact that I had to be either/or—picking and choosing them at different times to suit different situations, constantly feeling that this one-dimensional approach to healing was not creating the true, lasting change I know I could offer.

Eventually, I realized I had to bring them all together into something cohesive, a process that was embodied by me and emanated from my own humanity.

I did it, creating the Beacons of Change community, and it worked. I began to see the results in my clients I always knew I could facilitate.

After many years of helping women heal their trauma, it became clear that the next evolution of my work was training more professionals connect to their souls and deepen their work becuase doing so would have an exponential impact on making the world a better place.

Now, I’m building a generation of professionals that are fully in touch with their personal and professional power, connected with their soul and spirituality, walking their talk, and feeling highly fulfilled by the process of healing others.

The world needs you. The world needs us. We have a world to change, and the change starts with us.

I hope you’ll join me.

Becoming Soulful

Six Keys for Profound Transformation in Your Therapy, Coaching, or Healing Practice

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